What's New

One of our audit staff has recently returned from an International Training programme on “Audit of Government Receipts" in India which lasted for a month, from 7th August to 1st September;

Public Service Commission have appointed Mr Caleb Sandy as the new Auditor-General. OAG staff are looking forward to a successful year with Mr Sandy.

Upcoming Events

Two of our audit staff will be attending a 2 weeks workshop on the ‘Audit of Institutional Framework for Preventing Corruption’ which will be held in Bankok from the 14th to 23rd September 2017.

Recent Activities

The Acting Auditor-General, recently joined the other Head of SAI’s around the Pacific in its 20th PASAI Congress in Tuvalu from the 8th to 11th August  2017;

Vanuatu National Audit Office have launched its Corporate Plan 2017 – 2021 together with its new website on the 20th of July 2017. This special ceremony was officiated by Honorable John Sala;

The Acting Auditor-General is proud to announce that the Proposed Office Structure that was submitted to PSC have been approved on the 12th June 2017.Below is the newly approved structure;

Acting Auditor-General’s Welcome
As the Acting Auditor-General of Vanuatu, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Audit Office website. Our website aims to educate and help people understand and be aware of the services provided by the Office to the Government and people of Vanuatu. The users will be able to access and download information about the Office including published audit reports and other pertinent information. One of the major highlights of information about the Office that could be found in the website is the Office’s Corporate Plan.
This Corporate Plan addresses recommendation by providing a written guide and strategic framework for the comprehensive development of the Audit Office.
There are many benefits to Parliament, the Government and the people of Vanuatu in having a strong, independent and effective Office. At a strategic level, one of the main benefits is that of helping to ensure “good governance” through improved transparency, accountability and efficiency. This is achieved operationally by:
• Certifying that the money collected by Government is spent in accordance with the wishes of Parliament;
• An Independent review and appraisal of all systems of control throughout the public sector (not just the financial controls);
• Determining the extent of compliance with procedures, policies, regulations and legislations;
• Providing reassurance to Parliament that their agreed policies are being carried out effectively as regards to control of the risks associated with these policies;
• Facilitating good practice in managing risks;
• Recommending improvements in control, performance and productivity;
• Reviewing the value-for-money that all organisations within the public sector provide;
• Saving money by identifying waste and inefficiency;
• Advising on better ways of achieving the Government’s objectives; and
• Helping to ensure that assets and interests are safeguarded from fraud.

In addition to the Corporate Plan, there are other useful information in the site that will educate you more on the work of the Office.
Thank you for visiting our website and I encourage you to visit again to stay updated as we continue to “promote good governance through auditing”.

Elsie D Willy
Acting Auditor-General